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amulets mountains past

Mountains Past (Spring Break Tapes)

Bus Gas’ and Amulets’ collaborative, two-halves-of-a-whole mindset is carried into their release’s extravagant packaging. Two clear pro-dubbed tapes are housed side by side in an oversized double cassette case. A die-cut window in the stark white j-card reveals a collection of boldly patterned die-cut inserts that can be rearranged and combined into a recursive, layered image of the listener’s own creation.


amulets future fog

Future Fog (Muzan Editions)

"Taylor’s Future Fog is tethered by symmetry of well-established sound architecture, where listening close bares nuance to his shaped periphery. Clamorous and lurid tones, looped caterwauls, and heavyset layering blast the comforting noise, while the ‘pretty’ hums mimic the autumnal swirls, giving Future Fog a masterfully balanced and lived in space joining an already rich discography."


amulets betula

Betula (Self-Released)

"The mystery embedded in Amulets’ seasonal findings is rewarded by continuous listens. Taylor’s reflective guitar nourishes his taped field sounds, by not only going above and below, but through them."


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