INTRODUCING THE MVS-1 - After years of repairing and modifying tape players, I’m really excited to share my own design for a modified, wide-range, variable speed tape player - the MVS-1. Unlike other available variable-speed players, the speed on the MVS-1 is super wide, spanning 3 octaves. It can go from super-fast chipmunk speed to super-slow demon voice, all the way till it stops - that’s right, STOPS. The ability to to stop the tape opens up new sonic possibilities such as tape scratching, weird pitch shifts, dramatic dive bombs, and of course real tape stop effects.

The MVS-1 bundle includes everything you need to start recording, playing, sampling, warping, bending, glitching, scratching, pitch shifting, and experimenting with cassettes. It includes the MVS-1 recorder, a handmade tape loop, an unused blank tape, and a random sampling tape to get you started. The unit runs off 4AA batteries, but just in case I also included a power supply so you never stop rolling.

You all know by now that I have been modifying tape players for years, but the MVS-1 is extra-special to me. I’ve been developing and testing it for quite some time and it has been a huge labor of love. I buy them new and used and I completely clean, repair, demagnetize, change belts, and test each unit to full working order. I carefully modify each recorder with my own custom modifications before prepping, painting, and packaging each unit. I use this in my own art and music, and I’m really proud to be able to put my name on it and share it with you! Bigger projects like these help me keep the lights on and keep Amulets sustainable, and allows me to continue to share other resources with you all, so thank you for your support!

May 2019


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